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Emmie is a trained herbalist, aromatherapist and Reiki healer dedicated to holistic therapy with a very personal interest. Diagnosed with hEDS, holistic treatment was a natural alternative to help manage the chronic pain, daily fatigue and the mental challenges that come with living with a lifelong condition.

With 15 years of managing pain, anxiety, depression, physical and mental fatigue it was time to turn a lifetime of knowledge into a vocation. 


Reiki, meaning spiritual energy, is a sacred healing practice that originated in Japan. Built around 5 mindful principles, the healer taps into the spiritual energy that runs through all of us and allows the energy to flow and heal. Each person experiences Reiki differently as the healer realigns your chakras and brings balance and harmony. 


What to expect: 

You will be laid down in a comfortable seat and remain fully clothed.

We provide blankets and cushions to help you fully relax.

You do not need to do anything other than relax.

Emmie will gently pass her hands over your Chakras channeling the Reiki energy.


Many people experience tingling, warming sensations and a feeling of calm. Reiki energy is used to unblock chakras and so some may find they become emotional as the energy clears blockages. 


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