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The Nook has its own therapy room! We understand the need for a space to relax and decided to create an additional

Therapy area just for you.

The therapy room and Nook studio are available to hire for all therapy and social events that contribute to the mindfulness and support of our Tewkesbury town and surrounding community. Both rooms are available to hire @ £10 per hour. The Nook provides an open space for up to 10 people depending on the activity and the therapy room has a fully adjutsable therapy couch, lighting and admosphere to treat one to one clients so they are comfortable and realxed.

Contact Shellie @ The Nook for more information or visit the: Book At The Nook page to see and book avalibilty.

 At The Nook we have Holistic therapists already providing there wonderful services,  Emmie who own's In Your Element Apotocathey and Katherine from Katherine Preece massage who provide the following Holistic Therapy's at The Nook Therapy . Please contact them dierctly for more information regarding therapy sessions, you will find the contact details below.


Emmie is a trained herbalist, aromatherapist and Reiki healer dedicated to holistic therapy with a very personal interest. Diagnosed with hEDS, holistic treatment was a natural alternative to help manage the chronic pain, daily fatigue and the mental challenges that come with living with a lifelong condition.


With 15 years of managing pain, anxiety, depression, physical and mental fatigue it was time to turn a lifetime of knowledge into a vocation.


Emmie runs In Your Element and all sessions are booked through her website.


  • Meditation

  • Reiki

  • Crystal Healing

  • Pain Management

  • Weekly Meditation Classes



Reiki, meaning spiritual energy, is a sacred healing practice that originated in Japan. Built around 5 mindful principles, the healer taps into the spiritual energy that runs through all of us and allows the energy to flow and heal. Each person experiences Reiki differently as the healer realigns your chakras and brings balance and harmony. Many people experience tingling, warming sensations and a feeling of calm. Reiki energy is used to unblock chakras and so some may find they become emotional as the energy clears blockages. 



Set aside your notions of silencing the mind and chanting, because while that may become part of your practice it can be hard to find your way. Many feel self-conscious, nervous or even a little fidgety. This is completely normal. Meditation is not about shutting out thoughts, it’s about acknowledging them, accepting and letting go. Learn to find your inner light, to relax or practice breathe work. You can also delve into shadow work, navigate buried trauma, work to heal your inner child or even dig into past lives. 


Pain Management

Holistic therapy treats the whole person; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually helping you better connect, cope and address issues. The session is completely tailored to your needs. Here you will find a relaxing space, a safe place to talk and tools to help you better manage each day. This session uses a combination of Reiki, Meditation, Acupressure, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy


Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to heal, protect and cleanse. Thanks to their unique frequencies, they can impact our own energy field to bring about balance. Each crystal has different properties and your session will be custom made to you. What to expect: You will be placed into a calm meditative state, while Reiki is used to scan and balance your energy field overall. Crystals will then be used in targeted locations along your body, where they are needed the most. This session includes the use of aromatherapy oil and you even get to go home with your very own crystal hand-picked for your needs.

For enquires email Emmie at:


Or book on her website:


Katherine is a qualified Holistic Massage Practitioner who lives in Tewkesbury.

After completing a Psychology Degree, Katherine worked in the retail sector for 25 years until her parents’ health required more of her time.

During lockdown, Katherine decided to take a change of direction in her professional life. Massage therapy in recent years had become an important part of Katherine’s wellbeing, so much so that she decided to retrain as a massage practitioner.

Katherine trained at the Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (BCMB) gaining a Diploma Level 4 in Holistic Massage Therapy.

In her practice, she works in accordance with a strict code of ethics and is committed to continuing professional development.

Katherine believes massage can have a hugely beneficial impact on everyone’s day to day life although she has particular interest in how massage can benefit sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease, and how regular massage can help deal with acute stress and anxiety. Katherine attends local support groups for Parkinson’s UK to give talks and demonstrations on the benefits of complementary therapy and volunteers at St Michael’s Hospice Hereford offering massage therapy to Day Hospice patients.

As a holistic practitioner, Katherine sees you as a total person, mind, body and spirit and blends that into your massage experience. No two massages are the same. She uses a range of appropriate techniques which can include relaxation techniques, breathing, light touch massage, deep tissue massage, remedial and hot stones. Katherine will conduct a consultation ahead of each session to ensure you get exactly what you want and need from your time with her.

Katherine offers a safe space where your massage needs can be met both physically and mentally to help restore, rebalance, repair and reconnect.




Call Katherine on: 07779 014813



  • BSc Hons Psychology

  • Diploma Level 4 Holistic Massage Therapy - BCMB

  • Hot Stone Massage – Bodyology College London

  • Member of Massage Training Institute – MTI

  • First Aid Certificate

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