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Taming your Anxious Thoughts Workshop 

A Workshop with Chantal 

A workshop style session, finishing with a yoga class, which is all aimed at helping to tame your anxious thoughts and calm your mind.  You’ll leave feeling more relaxed on the day but also with a simple but effective toolkit to help you feel that way a lot more often!


This workshop is for you if you struggle with:


  • an overwhelmed mind

  • constantly thinking “what if?”

  • being restless in the early hours

  • always being told to “stop worrying”

  • feeling ‘meh’

  • getting tired and drained as a result of all this


You’ll learn:

  • What happens to create an anxious mind

  • What makes some people more anxious than others

  • How to notice and recognize your thought patterns

  • Different options to ‘tame’ and manage your thinking

  • How to want to think differently


We’ll finish with a relaxing yoga class with poses, breathing and meditation techniques that will complement the learning from the workshop.

3 hour workshop including tea and delicious cake @ The Nook

£39 Per Person 

3rd December 2pm with Chantal 

Balancing Rocks

the edge

The Edge with Paul Kinsella 

Friday 2nd November 7.00pm 

The Edge is an innovative hybrid of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


It is called The Edge because we dance along a physical edge in yin and, in Nidra, we explore the edge of consciousness, the edge of sleep. Yin and Nidra both reduce stress and anxiety, complementing each other to bring us to a relaxed state and remind the body to surrender. The practice is designed with the aim of bringing you to a state of calm acceptance.

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